Jitjatjo is a high-tech company headquartered in New York, established in 2015. Our software, Network, enables enterprises to transform their labor model to embrace flexible-work, while also increasing revenue and reducing labor costs. Network leverages A.I. and Empathic Intelligence to accelerate talent acquisition, optimize resourcing, and reduce operating costs.

Creating opportunities through technology is what we do; it’s not who we are. We exist because we want to help people reach their potential, our talent to feel valued, and our business partners to thrive. We believe everyone, especially now, needs a champion, needs to be seen, needs to feel heard, and needs to be believed in. It’s time to embrace change, transform the way we work, and intentionally create a future with opportunity in abundance.

Jitjatjo’s mission is Human Betterment—the continued creation of opportunity for the world’s next-generation workforce. Learn more about Jitjatjo at

Product Manager- Dash

As the Product Lead for Dash, you'll be the driving force behind the recruitment, fulfillment, and contracting modules of our cutting-edge admin platform. Designed to empower the Operations teams within contingent labor agencies, while staying compliant with labor laws and contracts, Dash streamlines the complexities of real-time issue resolution and streamlining talent management.

Your role is pivotal in ensuring the platform not only meets but exceeds compliance standards across various international markets. You'll be at the helm of innovation, optimizing the platform to deliver unparalleled efficiency and compliance in the fast-paced world of contingent labor management.

Your Mission

To spearhead the evolution of Dash's recruitment, fulfillment, and contracting modules, creating a seamless, efficient, and compliant experience for Operations teams in the contingent labor industry. Our goal is to simplify complexities and accelerate talent acquisition across diverse markets, setting new standards for operational excellence


  • Conduct in-depth user research to understand the requirements of our enterprise clients as well as our internal stakeholders.
  • Synthesize these insights into actionable product features for the Dash admin platform, aligning them with both user needs and business objectives.
  • Lead the launch and iterative enhancement of features, aiming to establish Dash as the industry benchmark for recruitment and fulfillment efficiency.
  • Facilitate agile development sprints, collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary team of developers and designers to achieve company milestones.
  • Maintain transparent and regular communication with other departments, providing updates on team goals, progress, and feature launches in a structured cadence.
  • Engage in cross-functional collaboration with Operations, HR, and Sales teams, effectively coordinating efforts across multiple time zones to achieve unified objectives.

Your Experience

  • Taken a software project from ideation to launch
  • Metrics-driven prioritization
  • Interview end users, gather and analyze user data, whatever it takes to understand the user’s needs.
  • Excited by possibilities as much as achieving concrete milestones
  • Thrives in environments of ambiguity and freedom through proactiveness and asking the right questions
  • Project management tools (Gitlab, Jira, Microsoft Project, Trello, etc.)
  • Understanding of Agile software development methods
  • Top notch communication skills through technical documentation, presentations, and messaging tools. (We are a fully-remote Product Engineering team.)

Jitjatjo is an equal employment opportunity employer. All submissions are confidential.